How to Get Through Heartbreak and Stay Sober

Heart broken

When heartbreak occurs, we react in two ways: emotional expression or emotional repression. While everyone manages pain differently, there are definitely healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with emotional pain. For example, if not processed in a healthy way, heartbreak can cause negative effects on the mind and body. It can quickly become a serious problem if not handled appropriately. You may be tempted to create a more comfortable state of mind or emotion to take the pain away. However, doing so through the use of substance or addiction creates a false sense of well-being. The pain is still there; it’s just covered up. Getting through heartbreak can be a challenge, and what you choose to lean on for support will either lead to healing or further pain. These helpful tips teach you the value of quality treatments, pointing you to healthy healing through heartbreak.

Blame Game Over

Some individuals tend to seclude themselves after heartbreak, while others wear their heart on their on their sleeve. Either way, you express yourself during this difficult time, it’s important to recognize any guilt or self-blame you may be feeling. While it’s common after heartbreak to feel guilt, it’s not healthy to internalize such thoughts. Talk about it and find solutions through therapeutic guidance so you can put those thoughts of self-blame to rest.

Give Your Time

Studies show that people who volunteer to do selfless acts within their community are less likely to focus on their own struggles. There’s something rewarding about helping someone less fortunate and being needed to fill in the gaps for them. Helping others reminds us that we are not alone in our pain and suffering. Your time and efforts will never go unnoticed to those who are in need. Local churches and food banks are great places to become an active part of your community.


Expand Your Horizons

Suppose your life has a repetitive cycle of home and work each week. When you’re going through heartbreak, it’s easy to slip into your normal routine as a way to avoid feeling pain. But it would highly benefit you to get out of your comfort zone and expand your (geographical) horizons. Take a bus tour or hop on a plane to a place you’ve always wanted to go. Getting out of your normal routine can open doors for you to meet new people, explore new avenues of adventures, and encourage you to confidently (and comfortably) be on your own.

Eat Right

Heartbreak can sometimes lead to depression, which can lead to overeating, or perhaps not eating enough. It’s perfectly normal to experience a change in appetite after a difficult experience, but developing unhealthy eating patterns can pose serious risks to your health. Avoid binge eating, drinking alcohol or taking drugs of any kind, as this only complicates your mental state and can prolong or prevent recovery.

Taking Care of Yourself Makes You Feel Good

When heartbreak hits, it robs us of the enjoyment of everyday experiences, such as putting on makeup or dressing up. It’s too easy to get into a slump and let the negative emotions take control of how you feel about yourself. Avoid neglecting your personal hygiene or appearance by introducing a new product to your personal care products or wardrobe.

Heartbreak is more than just sadness; it affects your being and even those around you. It’s important to get the right help during this difficult time so you don’t fall back into your old habits or develop unhealthy habits that could negatively affect your future. Furthermore, it’s imperative to your healing to find the best resources to get you back on track towards maintaining a healthy mindset. The Meadows Texas uses only evidence-based treatment plans to help treat addiction, reoccurring disorders, trauma, and more. They offer the support you need to get through heartbreak, as well as solutions that will inspire growth and confidence for your future.