The Importance of Healthy Coping Skills

man taking a deep breathe outside in city

Coping skills. What exactly are these? Coping skills, also called coping strategies, are tools and techniques that help us deal with stress and manage our emotions. If you are recovering from mental health or addiction issues, coping strategies are essential for health and self-management. And even if you don’t have a diagnosis, coping skills are important as they lower stress and help solve problems during difficult times.

Detox and Neurofeedback

woman receiving neurofeedback therapy

Drugs and alcohol have evident, lasting effects on our brains, effects that linger even after they leave our systems. But with the right support, recovery can lead to a life, and a brain, that are as balanced or better than they were before addiction — even if your addiction is complicated by co-occurring mental health issues. Read on to learn how neurofeedback can be a part of this recovery support for you or a loved one.