The ABCs of Somatic Experiencing®

The ABCs of Somatic Experiencing® - The Meadows Texas

By Christa Banister When an experience, a particular set of circumstances, or unresolved events from the past shatter your sense of security and well-being in the present, the physical and psychological effects of trauma can linger. Sometimes, the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may last a few weeks, while others may find that flashbacks, […]

Speaking to a Family Member About Their Addiction

If you have a family member who seems to be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you may be wondering what to say and how to help them find healing. Whether the substance use issue is a new struggle or something that’s been going on for years, there’s something that makes you feel like now is the time to handle it. And if you’re feeling this way, you’re probably right.