What Sets The Meadows Texas Apart?

As part of the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family, we offer comprehensive trauma-informed treatment based on the time-tested Meadows Model. Each team member brings a diverse range of expertise to our programs. All of our clinical staff are also trained in Post-Induction Therapy (PIT) and have received intensive experiential training. The Meadows Texas is accredited by the Joint Commission, considered “the gold standard” in accreditation for behavioral health facilities and organizations.

Meadows Behavioral Healthcare

The Meadows Model

The Meadows Model is at the core of all Meadows Behavioral Healthcare treatment programs, including The Meadows Texas. It is based on the pioneering work of Meadows Senior Fellow Pia Mellody, one of the preeminent authorities in the fields of addiction and relationships, and her Developmental Model of Immaturity. We use these innovative therapeutic techniques to identify and treat the underlying trauma of addictive and dysfunctional processes.

“Addiction is a potentially fatal illness — but it is also eminently recoverable.” – Dr. Kevin McCauley

Meadows Senior Fellow Dr. Kevin McCauley is also impacting treatment at The Meadows Texas, interacting regularly with staff and family members to share his expertise and personal recovery experience. A former flight surgeon in the US Navy, he wrote and directed two films: Memo to Self (about the concepts of recovery management), and Pleasure Unwoven (about the neuroscience of addiction), taking home the 2010 Michael Q. Ford Award for Journalism from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley, MD


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