Which Drugs Most Negatively Affect Your Mental Health?

Which Drugs Most Negatively Affect Your Mental Health? - The Meadows Texas

By Melissa Chalos There’s a wealth of misinformation about the impact of scheduled drugs on mental health. Compound that with the assumptions that recreational drug users often use to support their choices, and the result is typically one big falsehood: the belief that drug use doesn’t do any real damage in the short-term or have […]

Do Negative Childhood Experiences Increase the Chances of Addiction in Adulthood?

Negative child experience

Is drug addiction the result of childhood experiences? One researcher thinks it could be. Dr. Daniel Sumrok from the Center for Addiction Sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s College of Medicine has examined the link between childhood experiences and substance abuse — and the results are surprising. What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences? Someone with […]