Jerry Law


Executive Director

Dr. Jerry Law has a long history with Meadows Behavioral Healthcare including key roles as executive director of The Meadows, Gentle Path, and Willow House residential treatment programs as well as serving as director of family education and leadership training for MBH. A board-certified counselor, board-certified intervention professional, and master-certified drug, alcohol, and addictions counselor, his areas of expertise include relationship disorders, sex addiction, substance abuse disorders, co-occurring behavioral health disorders, and spirituality.

Dr. Law took the helm as executive director of The Meadows Texas in summer 2023. In this latest role he oversees the day-to-day operations of the program and works closely with the clinical team to provide world-class treatment and advocate for service excellence throughout the entire treatment process. He also works in tandem with senior leadership and our Meadows Senior Fellows to ensure The Meadows Texas provides the same continuity of care for which all MBH programs are known worldwide.

Paul Lee

Paul Lee, MD

Medical Director

Originally from South Texas, Dr. Paul Lee brings nearly three decades of experience in psychiatric and addiction medicine to his role as medical director. Dr. Lee did his undergraduate work at Lamar University before heading to University of Texas-Houston for medical school. An internship in Austin was followed by a residency at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

When it came time to put all that education to good use, Dr. Lee returned to Texas, opening a private practice in the small town of Paris. He also gained valuable hospital experience, and on the behavioral health side, he cut his teeth at Fulton County Detox. That’s what sparked his interest in psychiatry, inspiring him to go back and retrain in 1995.

Addiction treatment is a subject close to his heart as well. He first got sober in 1989 then had a brief relapse in 2009. It was that experience that Dr. Lee credits with helping him develop a real passion for recovery, a feeling that is renewed with every new patient he meets. It’s no wonder he says that one of his favorite things about his current job is watching people become free.

Married for nearly as long as he’s been practicing, Dr. Lee and his wife have two children. When not working, he enjoys spending time with family, at church, and mowing his pasture.


Lori Bachman

Lori Bachman, LCSW

Clinical Director

Lori Bachman was born and raised in the small town of Paris, Texas, and graduated with honors from the University of Texas-Arlington. As part of a large family, she is a strong believer in the power of community, which is a cornerstone of the Meadows Model. A licensed clinical social worker, Bachman has performed many clinical, teaching, and administrative roles over the past 25 years. Her personal clinical experience recognizes the importance of working with families and connecting patients with community support to increase their chances of long-term recovery. In her role as clinical director, Bachman dedicates her time to guiding and encouraging others to better understand and manage the negative effects of trauma and addiction.

Denise Slemmons

Denice Slemmons, RN

Director of Nursing

Registered Nurse Denice Slemmons joined our staff in 2017, after several years as an acute psych nurse, but she actually began her career in healthcare in 1989. A graduate of the Paris Junior College School of Nursing in Paris, Texas, she’s worked in many different areas over the years, from customer service, marketing, and billing to compliance, direct patient care, and in various leadership roles. That broad experience provided her with an expanded knowledge of the healthcare system and how difficult it can be for patients and families to navigate that system during a crisis.

In order to be effective in this field, she believes it’s really important that people understand that addiction is a disease, not just a behavior or a habit, and that it does require clinical and medical intervention to be successful for most people. “What I love about The Meadows Texas,” Slemmons says, “is we are small enough to ensure that each client’s individual needs are met, and yet being part of The Meadows provides us access to some of the most renowned experts in the field.”

Supporting Staff

Rebekah Cook

Rebekah Cook, ANP
Medical Nurse Practitioner

Lori Stelzer

Primary Therapist

Laura Terry

Laura Terry
Continuing Care Coordinator

James Vaughan

James Vaughan
Director of Operations

Jena Dippel

Jena Dippel
Alumni/Medical Records

Grace Vega

Kevin Vrana
Reception/Spiritual Guidance

Barb Reynolds

Barb Reynolds
Business Development Liaison

Lauren Teconchuck

Lauren Teconchuk
Business Development Liaison


Kevin McCauley

Kevin McCauley, MD