Recognizing the Need for Help

woman struggling with mental health

Because mental health conditions affect how we think and feel, it can be difficult to recognize when we’re experiencing them. For some, it takes months or years of symptoms to realize that they are unwell. For others, symptoms affect the part of the brain that assesses self-image, creating a disparity that causes them to deny symptoms of a mental illness. It’s important to understand the symptoms of mental health conditions and addiction so that you can know when and how to seek help. 

Small Wins Can Make A Big Difference

friends high five

By Wesley Gallagher Have you ever set a goal you didn’t reach? What about a New Year’s resolution you gave up on after just a few weeks or months? If so, you’re not alone. According to Inc., statistics show that most people have given up on their resolution by January 19. Achieving goals is hard, […]

9 Surprising Facts About Drugs and Alcohol

drugs and alcohol

By Melissa Riddle Chalos Facts about drugs and alcohol are as easy to come by as a few clicks on a keyboard. Within minutes, there’s an avalanche of data barreling your way. Grim statistics, trends and theories, along with heartbreaking stories of real people; it can all be too much at times. But sometimes the […]