Narcan Over the Counter

narcan naloxone

Narcan is an emergency drug used to reverse opioid intoxication during an overdose, and it comes in the form of a nasal spray. It binds to opioid receptors to block the effects of narcotics on the brain. Historically, Narcan has been used by paramedics and health workers and has only otherwise been available by prescription. Now, retailers have been permitted to sell Narcan (also known as naloxone) over the counter. Many people are asking, Is Narcan FDA approved? Who should get it?  Here’s what we know about federal approval and sales of Narcan over the counter.

Death by Detox: How “Just Stopping” Can Be Fatal, Part Two


Following the passing of my sister in August 2022, I struggled to wrap my mind around how Pip actually died. How did my sweet, hilarious sister become a statistic? How did she die from alcohol withdrawal? I knew it was possible, but as I mentioned previously, I never fathomed it could happen to me.

Alcohol: How Much Is Too Much?

Alcohol: How Much Is Too Much? - The Meadows Texas

How much is too much alcohol?

This is a hard question to give a concrete answer to, as ”too much” can vary from person to person. And for each person, it’s going to vary from one life situation to the next. As you consider the role of drinking in your life, it can be wise to examine, if not redefine your relationship with alcohol depending on how it’s affecting your overall well-being.