Treatment at The Meadows Texas is multi-faceted, and we use a variety of methods to create a truly unique and comprehensive program. We recognize the value of integrating the 12-Step approach into our treatment process. These tried and true 12 Steps include a variety of broadly applicable principles that can help patients modify negative behaviors, prevent relapse, and maintain lasting recovery.

Incorporating 12-Step Principles

Our approach to the 12 Steps focuses on the philosophy of universality, the theory that no one is alone in the world. As patients are guided and supported by the staff, they can let go of shame and guilt – underlying factors behind all addictive behaviors. During meetings, patients are encouraged to share their thoughts, allowing them to feel heard and speak their minds. As patients release their emotions in the safe environment fostered by the group, they can process their thoughts and experiences. Patients can then realize their mistakes and recognize the situations that led them to addiction.

When patients leave The Meadows Texas, we direct them to local 12-Step meetings and encourage them to continue the journey they began in treatment. Finding a home group, obtaining a sponsor, and completing personal work is a great way to help prevent relapse, teach better self-control, and reinforce lasting healing.


If you or someone you love is struggling or feeling stuck, we’re here to help. Our compassionate team of experts is experienced in addressing a wide range of addiction issues. Let our program be the first stop on the road to long-term recovery.

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