Speaking to a Family Member About Their Addiction

If you have a family member who seems to be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you may be wondering what to say and how to help them find healing. Whether the substance use issue is a new struggle or something that’s been going on for years, there’s something that makes you feel like now is the time to handle it. And if you’re feeling this way, you’re probably right.

New You, Same Old Family and Friends

If you’re newly sober, a situation like this may be all too familiar. What in the heck do you do when you start to change for the better and everyone else in your life (aside from recovery friends) remains the same? How do you connect with them when they haven’t been through the same transformation? Thankfully, there are some practical tips you can employ to deal with these situations when they arise.

How to Be a Good Parent While in Recovery

Parent support in rehab

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction are parents. Although it can be torture to leave a child behind, parents who are about to enter rehab should think about the future. Once they get clean, they can start a brand new life with their child — free from the […]