Speaking to a Family Member About Their Addiction

If you have a family member who seems to be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you may be wondering what to say and how to help them find healing. Whether the substance use issue is a new struggle or something that’s been going on for years, there’s something that makes you feel like now is the time to handle it. And if you’re feeling this way, you’re probably right.

How the Risk of Addiction and Overdose Has Increased During COVID

How the Risk of Addiction and Overdose Has Increased During COVID - The Meadows Texas

By Clint Fletcher As a surprise to absolutely no one, the risk of addiction and overdose has been on the rise since COVID-19 began to spread across the world. While the data is still coming in from the latter half of 2020, it’s safe to say that this pandemic has sent thousands of Americans with […]

The Other Epidemic: Opioid Overdose Deaths and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Opiate addiction

A man at my home group said these words not too long ago. He’s a person I respect: a father, husband, and veteran who still exudes such a degree of military bearing I find it hard to imagine that he ever had an addiction problem. He represents the power of the program: We become the parents, friends, life-partners, and citizens we always were meant to be. He is clearly living a life in which The Promises have come true, deservedly so, but his words show the wisdom behind those promises.